Refurbished 2012 Genie GS3246

2012 Genie GS3246

S$18,255 (SGD)


US made Genie GS 3246, Battery powered, 11.75 M working height Scissor Lift and a 318Kg deck capacity, designed for indoor and outdoor use. We currently have 3 units all 2012 YOM which are on offe...

Used 2018 Genie GS 2646

2024 Genie GS 2646

S$26,800 ex GST if applicable
Ex Factory

New Units from the Factory Genie GS2646 E Drive Scissor Lifts Some of the key facts : 8 meter platform height, rated platform load of 454 kg, fold-down handrails and self-latching gate, extensio...

Used 2006 Genie Z45/25 J RT

2006 Genie Z45/25 J RT

S$25,000 ex GST if applicable

Available right now, we have this late 2006 Genie Z45/25 J RT. A versatile 16mt working height machine and being a (J) model it has the Jib giving even more flexibility to the new owner, apart from...

Used 2018 Genie GS2032

2018 Genie GS2032

S$16,500 excluding GST if applicable

We have just taken delivery of some late model GS2032 6.1 Meter slab scissor lifts , with a maximum deck capacity of 354Kg and a indoor / outdoor rating the versatily of these scissor lifts in the ...

Used 2017 Genie GS1932

2017 Genie GS1932

S$12,500 ex GST if applicable

We have just received 6 units of 2017 Genie GS 1932, all are fitted with self closing gates and folding handrails , they will be repainted in factory colours and have new decals , solid non marking...

Used 2008 Genie S-125

2008 Genie S-125

S$75,000 Excluding GST

Straight from our rental fleet , we have a 2008 Genie S-125 Boom Lift 38 meter platform height, it currently has approx 2800 operational hours on the Deutz TD2011 turbo diesel engine. Tires are Foa...

Used 2015 Genie GS2632

2015 Genie GS2632

S$17,500 Excluding GST

We currently have 5 units of these Genie GS2632 Scissor Lift , the Narrow Fit and Fold Down Handrails will allow the scissor lift to access a standard door way, we have fitted new Maintaince Free A...

Used 2010 Genie S-65

2006 Genie S-65

S$30,000 excluding GST if applicable

Available Now ! 2006 Genie S-65 Boom Lift .showing just over 4000 hours ,Engine is a 3 cylinder 48hp Deutz Air Cooled Diesel . Fitted with the Jib the maximum working height is 21.64 meters, Conti...

Used 2016 Genie GS1930

2016 Genie GS1930

S$11,500 Excl GST of 7% for domestic sales

Newly arrived we have this 2016 Genie GS 1930 scissor lift, we have fitted 4 new 6Volt batteries and new solid, no marking wheels only 6 months ago. Well known as one of the most versatile scissor...

Used 2014 Genie GS 1530

2014 Genie GS 1530

S$6,500 ex GST if applicable

We are selling this 2014 GS1530 Slab Scissor Lift , currently showing 95 working hrs ...with a platform height just under 5M , comes with 227Kg capacity extension deck batteries are Trojan T-105 + ...